The 14 Best Burgers in Nashville Right Now

There’s no question that Nashville’s burger game is strong. Heck, even Thrillist’s National Burger Critic Kevin Alexander came through town on a greasy tour of some of our best patties and did a pretty darned good job at identifying some of the top spots (for a carpetbagger). 

But listen to a local if you want to find Nashville’s most iconic and delicious burgers. Here’s where to get your fix in the Music City.
If you’re looking for a burger menu with lots of variety, M.L.Rose is perfect. Their long list of ranges from plain cheeseburgers to turkey burgers to our favorite: the Nash Vegas burger. Served on a sweet potato bun and topped with pimento cheese, crispy tobacco onions, and barbecue sauce, it’s a unique take on the American classic.
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