Air Bath

There are moments in most parts of the world where the blistering heat is inescapable. No amount of air conditioning nor desperate pleas to the heavens will cool you down. You’re soaked to the bone in sweat and in search of salvation. Well friends, this beer IS your respite, your vivifying, rejuvenating deliverance. This super pale-colored creation, with a mouth-watering excess of fruity hop additions, presents itself as your key to beating the heat. Strong notes of grapefruit zest, aperol spritz, and tropical popsicle wash over you in waves, and a crisp, dry finish leaves you feeling as though you’ve stripped down to your skivvies to let it all air out. It’s hot out there, folks. Go ahead, embrace your inner nudist – have an Airbath! Star Party, y’all! Go team.

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