Crafting the Perfect Fall Beer Menu

As we approach the fall season, we’re excited to announce that we’re holding our Beer Council on July 31st to make our selections for our fall beer menu! This isn’t just a simple selection process; it’s a democratic event ensuring that every beer we serve is chosen carefully. 

The Beer Council: A Unique Approach to Beer Selection 

Our Beer Council is a unique aspect of M.L.Rose that sets us apart from other craft beer destinations. Four times a year, an exclusive group of in-house representatives and invited experts gather to vote on which beers will make it onto our seasonal menu. 

This process ensures that every beer we serve is not only delicious but also a reflection of our commitment to quality and variety. 

The council members analyze notes on the previous menu and rank each beer according to specific scoring guidelines after various tastings. 

Austin Ray, the Founder & CEO of M.L.Rose, likes to challenge the team while also keeping the judging process honest, fair and free from any arising biases stemming from personal preferences. 

A Seasonal Shift: From Summer to Fall 

As we transition from summer to fall, our beer preferences shift towards darker and richer beers. While hops are good year-round, the demand for stronger beers increases as the holidays approach. Our Beer Council considers these trends when selecting the beers for our fall menu. 

Supporting Local Breweries 

We always support newer, smaller, or neighborhood breweries whenever possible. We take joy in playing a role in their growth and development. For us, it’s not just about serving great beer; it’s about fostering a community of beer lovers and supporting the craft beer industry. 

The Fall Beer Menu: Coming Soon 

Our fall beer menu, selected by our Beer Council, will rollout at all four of our M.L.Rose locations on August 30th! We can’t wait for you to taste the selection of beers we’ve chosen for the fall season. 

Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or a casual beer drinker, we’re confident that our fall beer menu will have something to delight your palate. 

So, mark your calendars and get ready to explore a new world of flavors with our fall beer menu. 

At M.L.Rose, we’re not just serving beer; we’re serving an experience. See you soon!

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