M.L.Rose ‘Burger of the Month’ Is No Burger at All

The fried chicken off the steam table at Arnold’s Country Kitchen is legendary, limited to Monday during the “before times,” but now available much more often as one small gift to the afflicted during 2020. But Arnold’s is (currently) only open for lunch, Monday through Friday, so there are many hours of the week where you can only dream of that poultry.

That may have been part of the thinking behind the latest edition of M.L.Rose Craft Beer and Burger’s Burger of the Month series, as the restaurant has announced for December that their special sandwich will be the Arnold’s Fried Chicken sandwich.

M.L.Rose’s Austin Ray shares a little bit of the origin story: “Kahlil Arnold and I talked through several ideas, but like most good food, we ended up getting in the kitchen with things we like to eat, and eventually we looked at each other and said, ‘This is it.’ It’s been great to have a little fun in a year that’s been especially tough, and ultimately we are two local business owners supporting each other. I couldn’t be happier that we got together on this, even though I know we’ve both been working to keep our heads above water most of this year.”

Kahlil Arnold dug into the recipe vault to deliver some of his proprietary seasoned breading to coat the chicken breasts before a dip in the fryer. The crispy breast is served on M.L.Rose’s specially designed sweet potato bun and topped with red cabbage jalapeño slaw, barbecue mayo and pickles. Served with a side of M.L.Rose’s waffle fries (which I will always contend are the perfect ketchup-to-mouth delivery device), the meal deal is $11.29.

Also in December, M.L.Rose will launch its winter seasonal beer menu, populated with scores of specialty craft beers specially chosen by Ray and his revered beer council of friends and co-workers. Each of M.L.Rose’s three locations offers 34 beers on tap, plus other packaged products, so they have plenty of choices for you to pair with the Arnold’s sandwich. Ray suggests you keep it local.

“We recommend pairing the TN Brew Works 1927 IPA with the Arnold’s Fried Chicken Sandwich,” says Ray. “It’s a solid Southern IPA for a Southern chicken sandwich. 1927 IPA has enough carbonation to counter the fat of the fried chicken, and enough body and hop character to stand up to the bold flavors of Arnold’s seasoned breading, jalapeño slaw and BBQ mayo. This beer is full-flavored but has enough balance and clean finish to order (at least) one more.”

Oh, I’ll be ordering more than one. Heck, I might order two sandwiches and save one for breakfast.

Read the full article here.

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