My Favorite Burgers In Nashville

By Stoney Keeley Posted July 13, 2022 In Food, Lifestyle, Nashville

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It’s an incredible week to be living in the Nashville area, folks. Whether you knew it or not, it is officially Burger Week, and that means that it is time to celebrate what an underrated burger city we live in. For real – folks talk about the hot chicken, the BBQ, the meat-and-threes all the time. But, it’s an excellent spot to get a burger. So, as always, props to the Scene for putting on this fantastic extravaganza.

Courtesy of the Nashville Scene:

The Nashville Scene’s 8th annual Burger Week is every foodie’s favorite week of the year — Nashville’s best burger joints serve up their tastiest burgs for just $7! Customers who dine out at participating restaurants across the city can taste these specialties and vote to crown the best burger in town.

What a fucking steal! $7! I am ready to run through a brick wall for these burgers. You can also click that link above and check out all of the restaurants participating in this year’s event. There are several that I’d recommend right off the bat – Brown’s Diner, Drake’s, Burger Republic, Smokin’ Thighs, and The Pharmacy. But, there are even a few places I’ve never heard of in there too. Even someone who practically lives online can’t keep up with this constant revolving door of restaurants in Nashville. It’s like trying to keep track of individual specks of dust in a tornado. So, there are a couple of spots I’m looking to venture out to before the week is up – this is the second time John A’s has come up randomly in my life so I’m beginning to think that’s a sign. I’ve been dying to go to Rosie’s Twin Kegs and Germantown Pub, too. But, it’s like a fun Saturday morning at Home Depot…I just don’t know if we’ll have enough time.

M.L.Rose – The crafty burger folks – M.L.Rose may have the most diverse burger menu in the city. Sometimes, it seems as though you can get just about anything you want on a burger in there. They get creative with their combinations, and they always seem to hit the bullseye with ’em.

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