Nashville Brunch Beverage Finder

I have a friend who doesn’t like brunch. Naturally, we mock him and shun him on weekends, but I get it — he’s a boy, and before the #BrosWhoBrunch came to town with their flat-billed caps and BNA tank tops, brunch was a pretty girly ordeal. But in today’s Nashville, brunch knows no gender, so I have to ask the haters: What’s not to like about brunch? Is it the copious amount of pork? The less-expensive meals at nice restaurants? A socially acceptable excuse to drink before noon? Disliking brunch is silly and sad, but it does raise one question: What do I drink if I don’t like “brunch drinks”? To that I say: ALL OF THIS. Whether you like Champagne, beer or the “Champagne of Beers,” there’s a drink for you in this town, and we’re going to help you find it. Bottoms up.

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