The M.L.Rose Beer Council: Crafting the Ultimate Beer Experience in Nashville

At M.L.Rose, we’re not just serving beer; we’re serving an experience. And what better way to curate that experience than through our one-of-a-kind Beer Council? This isn’t your average beer selection process; it’s a democratic event that ensures every beer we serve is a testament to our commitment to quality, variety, and community. 

How It All Started? 

Austin Ray, the visionary Founder of M.L.Rose, had an “aha” moment years ago that set the course for what M.L.Rose is today.

“Craft beer is what people want,” he realized, and from a modest list on a green piece of paper, “we’ve grown to offer 36 taps and at least 50 cans and bottles – for the time being. But let’s be clear: We’re not aiming for the most extensive beer list in Tennessee; we’re aiming for the best.” 

Then, the Beer Council Was Born 

Picture this: a hand-picked group of beer enthusiasts gathering in a room, each with a single mission—to taste, rinse, cleanse their palates and vote.

With over 8,500 craft breweries in America alone, the choices are overwhelming. “You never want more than seven items in any menu category because the human brain just can’t absorb more than that,” Austin Ray points out.

But let’s pull back the curtain and reveal the secret to our exceptional craft beer menu. The esteemed Julie, our illustrious Beer Council President, and Tommy, our formidable Beer Champion, orchestrate the selection process. They gather a handpicked panel of beer aficionados who, on this momentous day, taste and scrutinize 50 contenders. These brews have endured the rigorous vetting of our M.L.Rose bar managers, whittled down from a staggering 200. It’s a sensory spectacle: you sip, rinse, cleanse your palate, and cast your vote. This ritual unfolds four times a year, each heralding a new chapter in our beer tale, a fresh list for every season. 

It’s an old-fashioned democracy, where the majority rules. Even the boss holds just one vote. You may ask, is all this effort truly worthwhile? The answer is clear: in the pursuit of extraordinary, we must undertake extraordinary endeavors. And that, dear patrons, is what sets us apart. 

Our Beer Council is not just about serving great beer; it’s about fostering a community of beer lovers and supporting the craft beer industry. We just closed our Fall Beer Council and can’t wait for you to taste the selection of beers we’ve chosen for the season. So, stop by your nearest M.L.Rose location and get ready to explore a new world of flavors with our seasonal beer menu.

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