M.L.Rose on Music City Must!

Wide-Ranging Beer Selection At M.L.Rose

They have every flavor of craft beer you can possibly imagine, and that’s why M.L. Rose makes my list of Music City Musts! There are several reasons the restaurant could’ve made the list, I mean, have you tried their amazing food?! But it’s that famous “wall of craft beer fame” that makes me want to cheers!

The craft beer selection at each M.L. Rose location offers 36 options at all times. There’s something for everyone. They have local, national, and just plain unique craft beer selections. Owners even have a special “beer panel” who decipher through hundreds of sections, all to reward a select few the honor of being placed on their craft beer menu. They really try to balance the best beer that they can find, all over the world, while still representing the best of what’s in Nashville.

Enjoy bold hops to rich stouts by picking from their easy-to-use menu that’s categorized to help you make the best selection! Take a drink and visit their website for a location! https://mlrose.com/

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